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Site Location: Guildhall Car Park, Sandwich, Kent

Module Title: Collective Dwelling

Date: Winter 2019

The general brief given for this project was to design a housing masterplan for 15-20 dwellings in a Car Park in Sandwich (the UK's most complete medieval town). Having explored the town analysed the demographic of the area, I drafted a specific brief which was aimed specifically at integrating the young families and the elderly. This was based on an experimental philosophy which was explored in the Channel 4 documentary Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds - where a retirement home and preschool were combined. The experiment found improvements in the elderly member's memory and mental health and also benefitted the development of the infants.

Design contents:

  • 17 medium sized 3-bed houses

  • A retirement home/preschool

  • 15 bedrooms within the retirement home

  • 9 annexes for more independant  OAPs

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